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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Pipe break

This is the result of a broken pipe above a garage in Plainville, MA. Notice the amount of water pouring from the insulation as our team starts the removal. Thi... READ MORE

Fire in a School

There was a fire in this brand new gym! With the building near completion, a fire in the storage closet unit of the gym generated a considerable amount of soot ... READ MORE

Maintenance is important

When it comes to your dryer vents it is important to maintain your dryer vents. Many fires are caused from the dryer vent not being properly maintained. Our off... READ MORE

Sharpie on Headrest

These photos demonstrate how well our team can remove magic marker from the head rest of your car! A small group of up and coming artist decided that mom's car ... READ MORE

Ejector pump failed

While a contractor was repairing an ejector pump, he came upon what appeared to be mold. He immediately stopped the repairs and contacted the homeowners about t... READ MORE

Flooded basement

This flooded basement in Bellingham, MA was the result of a pipe break, causing about 6 inches of water throughout the finished basement. The first task at hand... READ MORE

Water loss - Walpole, MA

The homeowner as usual had placed a load of laundry in the washer prior to running out to do errands. Little did she know the lines were about to fail. When she... READ MORE

Water loss- Randolph, MA

It had been a warm day, and the homeowner like others was suffering from cabin fever. But she had to get to work, there was no time to enjoy the day. While away... READ MORE

Water lose -Taunton, MA

The toilet tank had cracked causing a flood in the bathroom. The water had ran down the pipes through the floor and onto the ceilings below. At first the homeow... READ MORE

Flooding Basement - E. Bridgewater, MA

If you are like most homeowners, you believe because of your location you are less likely to get flooded as compared to those who live closer to rivers and lake... READ MORE

Lightening Strike - Raynham, MA

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute 1 out of 200 homes will be struck by lightning each year. For most of us, we never give this a thought like... READ MORE

Ice Dam - North Easton, MA

For most people winter is just a time that's annoying. It's the time of year where people hunker down during the bitterly cold months. Feeling as if being suffo... READ MORE

Wind Storm - Waban, MA

It had been a windy day, the national weather had said to take precautions. The wind was blowing between 40 and 60 miles an hour, with the rain dancing uncontro... READ MORE

Dryer Fire - Marshfield, MA

Washer and dryers are a part of almost every home. they are vital to most families day to day living. Unfortunately this wonderful household appliance can cause... READ MORE

Puff Back - Raynham, MA

Many people have never heard of a puff back or what it means. A puff back usually occurs when an oil burner back fires, sending a plume of soot throughout your ... READ MORE

Microwave Fire- Brockton, MA

These days a Microwave oven can be found in most homes. While they are generally safe to use, sometimes disaster can strike without warning. A family member w... READ MORE

Grease Fire-Plymouth, MA

A fire needs 3 things to burn, heat, oxygen and fuel. A fire will keep growing until one of those are removed. However no situation is perfect and it's good to ... READ MORE

Mold-Milton, MA

The homeowner was having work done to the roof and skylights. When the contractors opened the area they came upon mold. It appeared that the skylights had been ... READ MORE

Mold-Plymouth, MA

It was near Halloween, and the homeowner wanted to get the decorations from the attic. When the homeowner had entered the attic he saw what appeared to be mold ... READ MORE

Mold-Sharon, MA

The homeowner had gone into her garage and while in there noticed what appeared to be mold growing under the window. She wasn't sure, but knew that she needed t... READ MORE

Mold- Somerset, MA

The mold in this home was the result of a water pipe slowly leaking over a period of time. This was an elderly homeowner who had no idea that the water was drip... READ MORE

Fire-North Dighton

This fire was caused from an improperly exposed cigarette in the bathrooms trash can. The Bathroom suffered a significant amount of soot and smoke damage. The c... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning - Walpole

We were contracted by a pre-school in Walpole to clean the Duct system. They were not sure when this had been done, if it had been done at all, but they were co... READ MORE

Sewage Loss-Brockton, MA

This sewage backup occurred during business hours. Prior to contacting SERVPRO the Manager of the store attempted to clean up the mess and even though he mopped... READ MORE

Water Damage-Brockton

Help, Help, Help the voice cried on the other end of the phone. The sprinkler system in our building has failed causing major flooding through out. The voice de... READ MORE

Hot water tank failure - Bellingham

This homeowner had gone to take his shower before heading off to work, but when he turned on the hot water there was none to be had. He thought he may have blow... READ MORE

Central Air condition loss - Carver, MA

This homeowner had come home to a warm house, the A/C was on, but the house was till warm. He went up to the attic to see if maybe it had been tripped, but when... READ MORE

Wind Storm - Sudbury, MA

A nor'easter had been predicted to hit, and when it did, it hit with a vengeance. The hurricane like winds had at times reached 80 mphs. It was at these moments... READ MORE

Rain Damage Garage - Sharon, Ma

The storm had been predicted and many homeowners had taken precautions as the weatherman had suggested. This homeowner was no different from the rest. He made s... READ MORE

Water loss Preschool - West Bridgewater, MA

The school new the roof had to be replaced as it had reached it's usefulness. They hired an experience roofing company to do the work. But as the New England we... READ MORE