Commercial Photo Gallery

Roof Leak Pre School-W. Bridgewater, MA

This contractor after viewing the weather for the next couple of days set off to replace the roof at this preschool, however when it comes to New England weather, it is as unpredictable as that of a three year old.

During the night a fierce storm had moved through the area, bringing torrential rains and winds. The tarp that had been covering the roof and been ripped away, leaving in its path a flooded school. The contractor called SERVPRO of Franklin/Walpole at 508-533.5305.

The technicians had arrived as discussed, armed with Dehumidifiers, fans, and a portable extractor. They walked through with the contractor explaining all the work to be performed. The contractor explained that he was under a time constraint. The technicians assured him it would be done within the allotted time. As the crew was removing their equipment, the contractor was surprised they had finished as promised. The technicians knew they had yet another satisfied customer.  

Duct Cleaning-Braintree, MA

The owner of this business knew that he needed the duct work cleaned. He had no idea just how much had been building up throughout the system until he had seen photos.

 He contacted SERVPRO of Franklin/Walpole, asking if they would be able to come in and clean out the system, and what the procedure was. Would they be able to do this after hours? Would he need to send his employees home while this was being performed? Was there anything he needed to know.

The project manager who is trained and certified in this field was able to answer all his questions, including giving suggestions and ideas as to how to approach this. Because the customer felt comfortable with the response he hired SERVPRO of the Bridgewaters to clean the ducts. The customer was satisfied and felt the technicians were very knowledgeable. He said he would hire them again should he need them. 


Sewage Loss Brockton, MA

A distraught store owner contacted our office as they had a sewage backup. The store they claimed reeked from the smell of sewage. A crew was dispatched and hit the floor running. Upon arrival they had found the manager mopping up the waste, however the sewage odor still permeated the building. Our crew took over the reins and immediately began cleaning and deodorizing the area. While the crew was cleaning up their equipment that manager said "I can't believe how fast the smell went away, I never thought it would be gone this fast".  

Water loss-Brockton

This was the aftermath of when a sprinkler system is an apartment building had malfunctioned. There was a significant amount of water throughout all floors, hallways, apartments, basement and closets. Because when water travels, it travels everywhere. The manager of the complex said to the crew he was amazed at how fast, professionally and efficiently the crew had worked. 

Duct Cleaning Walpole, MA

We were hired by a day care to clean the duct's after a recent water damage. They were concerned about the air quality with the upcoming fall and winter season. The cleaning could only be performed on the weekend. It took awhile but the job was completed. We received a call from the school praising the technicians for all the hard work. 

Fire -North Dighton

This fire was caused from an improperly exposed cigarette in a bathroom at a Doctor's office. Luckily the fire was contained to the bathroom. While the bathroom did suffer smoke and soot damage the crew was able to get it back to it's original appearance in a few days. The Doctor was pleased with what he had seen. He said to our technicians he couldn't believe his fortune to having such a wonderful job performed. he would recommend us to others.