Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Puff Back - Plymouth, MA

This homeowner had attempted to turn on their furnace but was having it problem getting it to start. At first they had contacted their old company thinking that the furnace was broken. When the technician from the oil company had taken a look at the furnace he explained that because the system had failed to start they had suffered a puff back. 

The customer contacted SERVPRO of Franklin/Walpole explaining their situation. SERVPRO dispatched their technician, and was on site within an hour of the phone call. The customer thought that only one room was affected. 

 The trained technician showed the homeowner just what was affected. They explained to the homeowner what needed to be done in order for it to be clean. They quickly went to work.When the work was done The homeowner was yet another satisfied customer.

 If you think that you are suffering from a Puff Back contact SERVPRO of Franklin/Walpole at 508-533-5305

Puff Back-Norfolk, MA

The damage is this picture is caused by a puff back. This can happen when your oil burner mis-fires, sending an oily type soot throughout the home. The best way to prevent these is to have your furnace serviced regularly. If you do find yourself with this issue contact our office right away to schedule a free estimate and clean up. These are usually covered by insurance. 

Dryer Fire-Marshfield, MA

Washer and dryers are a part of almost every home. They are vital to most families day to day living. Unfortunately this wonderful household appliance can cause injuries, property damage and even death when they catch fire.

The homeowner to this fire loss was fortunate enough to be at home preventing a total loss from happening. 

They contacted SERVPRO of Franklin/Walpole and within an hour a crew was dispatched to their home. When the work was completed the homeowner could not believe how everything had looked and smelled so clean. 

Puff back - Raynham, MA

Many people have never heard of a puff back or what it means. A puff back occurs usually occurs when an oil burner back fires, sending soot throughout your home. It can happen all at once or gradually. Sometimes the soot is so light and  it appears to be ordinary dust. 

This homeowners furnace had malfunctioned, sending oily soot throughout the home. He contacted and hired SERVPRO of Franklin/Walpole. With there experienced technicians, they had cleaned it all and in a shorter time then the homeowner had anticipated. 

Grease Fire-Plymouth, MA

A fire needs 3 things to burn. Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel. A fire will keep growing until one of those is removed. 

This homeowner suffered from a grease fire. A grease fires happens when either you have built up grease or a large amount of grease in your frying pan. If your pan gets to hot as in the case with this fire, the pan will ignite creating a 4 inch flame. As you can see from this photo, the fire had ignited and spread quickly.

 The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of Franklin/Walpole to clean up the mess. When they had finished, she couldn't believe that difference.

Microwave Fire-Brockton, MA

These days a Microwave oven can be found in most homes. While they are generally safe to use, sometimes disaster can strike without warning.

  A family member was warming up a biscuit on a plate in this photo. The biscuit caught fire causing the glass to the oven to explode and catching fire. Spoke had permeated the home.

SERVPRO from Franklin/Walpole was called to the rescue. The homeowner thought this it would take months to clean up and get the smell out of the home. To her amazement it had taken less then what she had expected.